Words from Our Customers

Please let us know how you like your Pet-Paws.

Send us a photo of your special loved one and we will post it here.


I don't think I ever emailed you when the paw first arrived, so I wanted to let you know that I love it! I got a silver chain to wear it with and it looks beautiful.

I started a website and YouTube channel about pet loss, and posted a video today on memorial jewelry. I mentioned your website of course, so if you are interested it's at:

Jacklyn McKewan - Memorial Jewelery To Remember Your Pet

Thanks again!

Lancaster, NY

Hi Tracy,

Yesterday, I received my dog Daisy's bronze paw set. I am so happy with it! I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. It exceeded my expectations and is something I already treasure. Thank you!

Denver, CO

I received the paw print cabinet pull yesterday. I love it! Thank you so much!

Baltimore, MD

I got Belladonna's impression last week. It is beautiful. It has become my most treasured possession, and I can't thank you enough.


They look so good! Thank you so much!
Groton, CT

I just wanted to let you know I received Jasper's impression. I absolutely love it! I will be doing this eventually for my other dogs. Thank you so much!



I want to thank you so much for creating a beautiful memory of our Cooper. Cooper passed on this week, so getting home yesterday and seeing this beautiful memory was wonderful. I gave them to my husband and he was so thankful.

You do great work! Thank you

San Jose, CA

Hi Tracy,

We received the paw impressions today. Thank you, they are great!

Happy holidays and best wishes!

Delano, MN

I'm not sure how often you get to see how your work is used or presented and I wanted to share with you my gift to my husband. Thank you very much for doing the bronze print, it turned out beautiful. He is going to love this memory of his yellow lab 'Wrigley'.

Clinton, OK

Thanks again for giving me something that can’t be taken away after the passing of my loved puppies.

Houston, TX

Hi Tracy! I received them today and oh my gosh they are amazing. You did such an incredible beautiful job, so thrilled.
I think my friend is really going to love these forever. Thank you so much for all your work and efforts, and sharing your talent!


Fishers Island, NY

Good morning Tracy!

My casting arrived yesterday. We love them, thank you for doing what you do. Do you still have what you need to make another? I want to give one to my daughter.. Please let me know.

They did arrive yesterday. They look amazing! My daughter was thrilled. I will be taking your cards to the vets office that was so kind to my boy and to the doggy hotel that he stayed at over the years. I hope you get a thousand orders!

Many thanks Tracy!

Apply Valley, CA

Guapo's bronze paws and urn.

I received the casts and they look great! Thank you so much!

San Fancisco, CA

Hi Tracy!

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful paw print of Pono's paw. It's really terrific! I meant to write you when we first got it but I totally forgot. My apologies! Thank you so much! We will treasure it along side Jesse's paw prints.

Sammamish, WA

I was so happy with the last one Bucky has passed away and Murphy is owned by his birth mama! She is not doing well and I want another one!!!! You did such a great job with Buckys. You made the mama cry!!! 16 year old cocker spaniel brother and sister!! Thank you!!????

Detroit Lakes, MN


Just wanted to say the paw print turned out great! It looks amazing!!!!

Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Tracy:

Thanks so much for following up. I did receive it and it was even more beautiful than I had hoped. I've been holding it a lot and it's like you gave me a little piece of her back. I ordered another paw print from you a year or two ago for my sweet Lucy. What you do for people is really amazing.

I work at a specialty animal hospital in the emergency department as a nurse. I've been showing some of the doctors and my coworkers the service you offer and they all have commented on how amazing it is to have this kind of memento.

Thank you again,

Drexel Hill, PA


I just wanted to thank you for the paw impressions. They're wonderful. They're sitting on our desks as I write. I was so worried that the last memento of our dogs would be that flimsy piece of plaster that was already cracking just days after we made the impressions, but having this permanent and solid paw print as a forever keepsake is very comforting.

Thanks again!

McKinney, TX

Charlie and his family holding his Christmas paws!


I received my package today and the paw print impressions are absolutely perfect. I was blown away at the quality and detail and feeling Charlie's paw forever molded in metal almost brought me to tears! Thank you for rushing these to me. My family is going to love them this Christmas and we will cherish them always. I wish you and yours a happy holiday and a healthy new year.

Dear Tracy,

I wanted to thank you once again for your time and craftsmanship when creating the 3 sets of paw impressions of my sweet Charlie. It was the best money I have ever spent. They were a huge hit! My mom told me it was the most amazing gift she has ever received and my brother was really happily surprised. We all appreciate the gift you have given us of having Charlie's paw to hold forever. Here's a picture of us!

Thanks for everything!

Bethel Park, PA

Stormy (middle) and her two pups. Beautiful Great Danes living in Australia.

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for the wonderful work on Stormy's impression. We received it back before Christmas and I tried to send you a photo of Storm but for some reason it wouldn't send so I'm having another attempt now. Storm is the one in the middle with the reindeer antlers on, this was taken last Christmas before she became unwell.



South Grafton Australia, New South Wales


Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to let you know we received the paw prints today and absolutely love them! We are so happy to have something that will last as long (or longer!) than our memories of Fonzi. Thank you for offering such a special memento to our family. We will spread the word and ask our friends to reference my name when placing future orders.

Dallas, TX


Hi, Tracy,

We received our sweet Pancakes's paw print set in bronze on Friday. It is AMAZING! It was so worth waiting for. Our little girl is 2 years old, and hopefully we'll have many, many more years with her! We wanted to get this done while she's young and healthy so the whole process was happy for us. We are grateful that we will now have something to remind us of our Pancakes forever! Thank you for doing such wonderful work. We will cherish this forever!


Issaquah, WA


Dear Tracy,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful paw impressions of my dear sweet girl. I miss her terribly.

Ellicott City, MD


Hi Tracy

Have received Lexie's paw yesterday and all I can say is I'm absolutely speechless. It was the most magnificent well crafted and detailed thing I've ever seen. The minute I held them in my hands I felt lex had come home and a weight lifted from my shoulders and was replaced by a beautiful peace. I now have complete closure and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time effort and great skill U put into creating this for me. I loved them so much that I was going to mount them in a shadow box but instead have decided to leave them out so I can touch them every day. I'll be sending you my beloved cats paw print who passed away 6 days after Lexie very soon.

Kind regards

Beaumaris, Victoria


We received the impression in the mail today. I just wanted to thank you. You do wonderful work. Both my wife and I are very pleased.

Bardstown, KY

Hi Tracy,

I am delinquent in letting you know that we did receive our paw print. It will go on a plaque on the wall with other paw prints from our beloved Cocker Spaniels.

Thanks again for the great work.

Phoenix, AZ

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the impression last Wednesday. It's been hard to deal with Buddie's loss so I couldn't bring myself to open it until a couple of days ago and I've been meaning to send you this email since. The impression is simply beautiful and I am beyond glad that I chose to get it done. You did a fantastic job with it and I am showing it to everyone I know that has pets; as a permanent keepsake, I don't think there is anything better.

Again, thank you so much for being so responsive to my questions throughout the process. I wish you all the success in continuing to make these.

Take care,

Kanata Ontario, Canada

Hi Tracy,

I tried to email you to thank you and tell you how perfect it was, but it bounced back saying your inbox was full. So I'm glad you followed up with me so I could tell you. My mom absolutely loves it and can't put it down!

Thank you again for all your help.

Columbus, OH

I got my paw! .....everyone loves it. TY!

Kinder, LA

Thank you so much Tracy! We got Boscoe's paw impression and it looks great...a little piece of him that we can see everyday! You do great work!! We appreciate it!!

Carmel, IN

Hey Tracy,

The pieces arrived and they look amazing!!! It's my little buddy in bronze forever!! Thanks for the freebie keychain and all of your hard work on this order! It was absolutely worth the wait!

Hudson, NY


PayPal sent me an email saying Mystic's pawprint would be delivered tomorrow. I've sort of dreaded receiving it as I'm just so heart broken about his death and had mixed feeling about getting them and just how hard it would be. I've had a terrible cold, and am on-call with work, so wasn't sure I could tolerate and more emotional intensity. I thought maybe I should wait until the weekend to open the package when it gets here.
To my surprise when I opened my mailbox when I got home today, there was a package. I knew it was his pawprint as I'm not expecting any thing else. I first decide I would not open it. But then I couldn't not open it. I hoped I would not get a on call page as I knew I was on the road to becoming an emotional overload. I carefully opened the package.....and when I first saw the pawprint set, I was stunned at how beautiful they are and how impressive the set is together. I couldn't put them down. I sat down, rubbing my fingers over the pawprints, exploring every space. Then I closed my fist around them and held them to my chest. I started feeling my heartbeat pulsating in my fingers around the pawprints as I felt my heart beat in sync in my hand....I suddenly had a sense of relaxation/peacefulness feeling throughout my entire body....this is the first moment of physical/emotional peacefulness I've had since I found Mystic collapsed on the bedroom floor.

Thank you so much for giving me the connecting gift to Mystic....the sense of connection is healing for me. Thank you so much.


Iowa City, IA

Just got Shadow's paw impression. It's just perfect. Thank you so much!

Media, PA

Hi Tracy,

I received Hendra's paw print last week. It's gorgeous! Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do. It's very comforting to me. I actually lost my Mom on April 22 and buried her on the 27th. She couldn't handle the loss of Hendra and said she would join her soon. My vet rushed the cremation through so Hendra could be buried with my Mom. They are together again.

East Haven, CT

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Here is a picture of Buddy and his sister/constant companion Misty.

Have a great day!

Las Vegas, NV

Hi Tracy,

I received my beautiful and truly unique necklace on Monday in the mail and wanted to send along a huge thank you! I love it and will treasure it forever. You provide a wonderful service to all of us who love our pets with all of our hearts.

Thank you again,

Glen Gardner, NJ

Hi Tracy

Got the mold [Pet-Paw] today….thank you very much.

I will recommend you to friends or family that want something like this done.

Thanks again for your work!

Deadham, MA

Hi Tracy,

I got your package today and I am so excited to show my daughter. Your timing is perfect as it is his birthday next week, so this will be a little present from him to her, although I will give it to her right away of course. I see what you mean about the paw being so deep, thank you for dealing with that, I also figured out why that happened.
He already was not bearing much weight on the leg with cancer when we did the impression and I suspect mostly all his weight was on this leg, which is a lot of pressure from an 80 lb dog. The vet explained to me due to their body shape a lot more weight is always on the front legs.
Anyway, they are wonderful, and I will send you a testimonial and picture to post on your website if you like, maybe Gisella can write it this time.
Thanks again,

Georgetown, CT


We received the paws today in the mail. Many thanks for doing such a nice job!

Kalispell, MT

I got the print. THANK YOU so much!

Mesa, AZ


Portola Valley, CA

Hi Tracy,

This is my girl, Megan. This is the second paw print I've had from you, the first being Bellas. I am so happy with it. It is such a lovely keepsake, that will last forever. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful service.

Wales, UK

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to put photos of Bella with the dog print. She was my wife's lab for 3 years raised from a pup before I met my wife 6.5 years ago. We had a good amount of time with her before we lost her. She was my cuddle buddy and my wife's shadow :-) Felt like we lost her way too young as she had tons of energy and never knew a stranger. Great dog and smart. We really appreciate what you do and we are looking forward to the print (hopefully it works OK). Have a good day.


Columbus, Ohio


Alberta, Canada

Hi Tracy,

About 2 years ago, you made a beautiful paw print cast of my pet Paris. Just wanted to let you know, how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to have her paws cast because she passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. It's an amazing keepsake :) It was the first thing I clung onto that night when I realized there will now be an empty spot on the foot of my bed.

New York

Hi Tracy,

I received the pet-paw today and it's just amazing beyond words. It is really a work of art and more than that, for me it's therapeutic to help me let go of my puppy when the day comes. Keep up your good work.

All the best,

Thousand Oaks, CA


I received Sadie’s paws over the weekend and they are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful work of art for my family to treasure.


Louisville, KY

Hi Tracy,

My precious pup's paws, nose and molds [13 Pet-Paws total] arrived on 25 Jun. couldn't have been a better day - it was the third month anniversary of his no longer being in pain. They are beautiful and give me much joy. His last Friday evening he slept horizontally across our bed in great pain. I held his left front paw that evening. And I've slept with it again, thanks to you. Your work is lovely.

Thank you!

Oscar's Mom
Memphis, TN

I have been looking for something special to create for this particular dog. I've had a lot of dogs over the years, and every one of them have been extraordinary and special, but this dog goes beyond that. Your paw print creation is awesome, and exactly what I was after! Thanks so much, and I hope you continue your talented and uniquely gifted craft for many years to come.

Wendy (and Loki)
Grand Junction, CO


Thanks so much for the bronze paw - what a great memory of our beloved Luther. Attached is a picture of him in his prime of "middle age" when our kids dressed him up for a Hawaiian party.

Have a great weekend.

Castle Pines, CO

Received it the other day - thanks, I (and my wife) like them a lot. Thanks for sending everything else back too. These impressions will hold a very special place in our heart.

Warmest regards

Rick and Susan
Wellesley, MA

Hi Tracy!

I just wanted to say how much we LOVE the paw print!!! It's wonderful and and definitely a special keepsake! We plan to order again when George Michael is a full adult and with our other future pets. Thank you again for all of your help, and we will definitely spread the word about your business!


Alexandria, VA

Thank you Tracy! The print and relief are wonderful. I will always have it to remember my Brandy by. I may send the back up mold of her right paw as well.

McLean, VA


First I wanted to let you know that we successfully received the package in perfect shape. My wife was especially moved to have the items. Second, thank you for the workmanship that was evident in the finished product.

Great job!

Sunrise, FL

I have them and they are gorgeous! Thankyou so very much and I have to say I like the mixed look [bronze and brass Pet-Paw set]. Its truly unique. Thankyou!

Burbank, CA

I have just received Mocha's pet paw and couldn't be happier! You did an amazing job, it feels just like his paw when I hold it. This will be a fantastic memento of him when he passes away in the near future, thanks again. I have been showing it to my fellow dog lovers and I think you may be getting some more business pretty soon. Have a happy holiday season.

All the best,

New York, NY

Hi Tracy,

We got the paw print today in the mail! We absolutely love it! it's so beautiful and exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much! I already gave your card to my cousin Jodi who also loved it!!



Received my paw print relief/imprint set yesterday and soooo pleased! They are so pretty! Awesome work! I'll send in a pic of my sweet AJ soon. And, I will highly recommend you to my pet-loving friends. So glad I found you on the web. Your website, by the way, is very good and I selected you because of your story about how you came to do these, and how you love your pets too!
Thanks so much!

Humble, TX

Sawyer and his bronze Pet-Paw imprint and relief set.

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful paw prints you made. I was so happy to receive them and they completely exceeded my expectations. So much so, I ordered two more! The detail is fabulous and while I thought I would use them as paper weights, I've decided to put them out in the living room for all to see. They are beautiful pieces of art and so special because they are Sawyer's paw prints. I'm so glad I found you online and decided to order them now instead of waiting until later in Sawyer's life. This way I can enjoy them for the many years Sawyer and I still have together.
Thanks again! :)

Novato, CA

WOW! Thank you so much! I am extremely pleased with this purchase, it is of awesome value. The detail and yet genuine earthy ruggedness are such a compliment. This is a treasure that will be with us forever. Thanks again and best wishes for you and yours. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your gem of services.

Monterey, CA

Hi Tracy,
We received Sawyer's paw prints yesterday and LOVE them! They turned out so good! I am so happy. :)
Do you still have the molds so I can order two more? I would love to have it for Father's Day (June 16) if that would be possible.
I'm not sure if I want two reliefs or one relief and one imprint. They both are so great! Please let me know and I'll pay you asap.
Thanks again!

Novato, CA

Bella and her bronze Pet-Paw.

Tracy, I was so excited to receive the paw, and it has exceeded my expectations completely. Every little detail from the paw pads that we can't see is there, it really feels like I have Bellas paw in my hand. The weight and sturdiness is brilliant. It really is a lovely keepsake and will be a huge comfort for me in the future. Thank you so much Tracy, you've done an amazing job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you, it was an easy process from start to finish.

I don't know if you can add to the testimonials, but I just wanted to say we lost our beautiful girl today [5/4/13], and the pawprint is a lovely keepsake and is helping us through this devastatingly sad time. Thank you again for providing a wonderful service.
All the best wishes,

Rebecca, Dawn & Bella
South Wales, UK

Wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday. I was so happy with it-it's absolutely perfect! I hope that you're feeling better, and thank you so much for such a special momento of my Samson.
Take care,

Jacksonville, FL

Alpine Star and Lotte.

Alpine Star and Peter.

Dear Tracy,
I owe you thousand thanks for the two prints of Alpine Star's left forhand paw! They are absolutely wonderful.Only a week ago I received your parcel. The delay is due to the holydays of X-mas and New Year, but I never was uncertain that the parcel will arrive securely as PayPal announced me on December 12th that your package is on the way. I wish to you a Happy New Year, good health and that your personal wishes come true!
Kindest regards

Riehen, Switzerland

Helo Tracy,
We have had the castings you made for some time now, and could not be any happier with the way they turned out. Thanking you for the quality work you do, and quick turn around is long over due.
I wish the best for you and yours, and thank you for providing the services you do.

Sandpoint, ID

Dear Tracy,
Just want to thank you for Roxy's paw impressions. I gave them to my children and husband for Christmas and they love them!!! My 19 yr old son keeps it on his nightstand and tells me he holds it every night...he's a 6'3' 250lb football player tough guy...not so much !!!
Thanks again and may you have a healthy happy New Year,

Middleton, MA

Nala and her bronze Pet-Paw pendant.

I just opened my package from you with Nala's paw prints. I had it sitting in my bedroom for a week waiting for the right time to open it. Thank you for your tenderness and love. The world is truly a better place because of people such as yourself. You make a difference and leave a mark on others lives and I am forever grateful to you and your service. I have enclosed a picture of our sweet Nala taken 2 weeks before she passed away. Sorry I don't know how to rotate the picture!! I also appreciate you letting me open up and share my tears with someone who truly understands. Thank you for including the impression, you are right I would have wanted it back, pieces and all. Thank you also for giving me the wax mold. I am sooo sentimental but that is ok, it's what makes me, me!
I have a new friend in the state of Washington! May God bless you and your business that it will grow beyond measure.
Forever grateful,

Draper, UT

Hi Tracy, I received Star's pet paw and its beautiful!!! Thank you so much!! I love the polished sides. It is such high quality. I appreciate your lovely work. Thanks again.

Oroville, CA

Roxi and her aluminum Pet-Paw.

I wanted to let you know that I received Roxi's paw print today in the mail and I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much.
Here is a face to go with the paw print. Not sure if you ever wonder what the pet looks like of the paw your doing so I thought I would share my Roxi girl with you.
Thank you again. I will be telling many friends of your business.

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Hi Tracy-
I received the paw(s) yesterday. Thank you so much, they are sooo cool, even nicer than I expected.
Much appreciated! I'll definitely cherish these and find you again when the occasion arises.
Thanks again, Tracy.

Rockville, MD

Tracy I've been meaning to email you to tell you how impressed I was with Lilly Bug's bronze paw print! Wow! I love it! I know my boyfriend is going to love it, I can hardly wait to give it to him!
I'm very much interested in doing my two boys paw prints (both. Bichons) do I'm sure I'll be in touch! Thanks again for everything!

Manassas Park, VA


Amanda & Dean
Port Hedland, Western Austrailia

Hi Tracy. we received Tokwe's paw print today. It will be forever special to be sure. I was wondering what you would charge for making another in brass. My wife was thinking she might want one too.
Thanks again,

Knoxville, TN

Hi Tracy,
I received the three copper pet paws that I ordered a while back and they are really amazing!

Groton, MA

Hi Tracy
When I got home from work tonight the package was in the mail.
They are beautiful!!!
Thank you so very much! Lexus is still with us but there will not be much more time. I do have another golden retriever (younger and healthier) and when things around here settle down a bit I will be sending you an imprint of Ally's paw print for the same thing.
Thanks again - what a wonderful memory we can hold on to.

Uxbridge Ontario, Canada

Hi Tracy - Thank you so much for the second paw! It looks fabulous.

Hubertus, WI

We received our two paw castings last Friday. We had just returned from Laurie, MO (Lake of the Ozarks) where we adopted a new canine member of our family. We are really happy about adopting "Gromit" ( a 4 yr old Border Collie?? mix) but still miss our Mickey something fierce. Your casts have been rubbed and kissed and cried over and now reside on each of our bed stands - a lasting tribute and reminder of our dear Mickey who shared our lives for nine short but wonderful years.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Bonnie & Reagan
Bigfork, MT

Tracy, I just received my husband’s “hand” and my parrot’s foot. Thanks for the double effort on the parrot. I LOVE them. These will mean so very much to me, you have no idea. You did a fabulous job. I hope the size of my husband’s hand didn’t break the bronze bank.
I so appreciate the extra effort. You work is now a very important part of my life.
Many thanks!

Salt Lake City, UT

Tyson Nipper and his set of imprint and relief paws!

Tyson's paws arrived today! They are beautiful beyond belief! I am most thankful to you and the wonderful work you do. This means so much as Tyson is currently living with congestive heart failure. To look at him you would never know his little heart is rather large and causing all kinds of problems. With his medications he is fine...its just finding the right dose. Unfortunately there is nothing else I can do. All I can do is love him with all my heart! I am glad we got his paws done before it was too late. He seemed to approve highly when I showed them to him! Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!! They are a beautiful work of art! I will be telling my friends about you and posting your card at my vets office.
With much thanks and appreciation,
Peace & Love,

Linda & Tyson too!
Alexandria, VA

Sadie and her bronze Pet-Paw.

Hi Tracy, I received Sadie's paw today it's amazing! I'm not ashamed to say I cried a little when I opened it and held it in my hand, it like I had her foot in my hand. Even though she's gone I'll always have her paw to hold.Thank you so much. I don't know if you update the testimonials or not on your site but if you do I'd love to write one and have her added. Thank you again.

W. Yarmouth, MA

We received our impressions today. They look AND feel amazing. It is such a nice memento.
Thank you for including the business cards. We plan to share them with our friends and family. We also plan to send an impression of our chocolate lab in the next few weeks. And, my husband wanted me to make sure to tell you that we won't be as psycho about those impressions. He's doing well, and we'd just like to have one made while he is healthy that we can have for a few years from now.
Thank you for your patience and your passion for what you do. We appreciate your work.
Thank you,

Rebecca and Ryan
Jacksonville, FL


Dear Tracy
The bronze pawprints of Paulinchen you have done for me are merely beautiful. I'm glad that your skill and your readiness to fulfil my special wishes have as a result produced a genuine artistic work. Thank you so much. Your kind words -from my hands to your hands- have deeply touched me. I'm really glad having met you in our letters from so far away as is Switzerland.
Kind regards

Riehen, Switzerland

I was away on vacation for a week, and wasn't around when the pet paws package arrived. When I arrived home, it was the first thing I saw, and even though it was very late at night, I had to go straight for the package and open it up. I was shocked and so touched to see envelope after tiny envelope fall out of the box, and as I opened the little impressions of my beloved hedgehog's feet, I cried tears of sadness and of joy. They are so beautiful, and I've been wearing one around my neck ever since. I can't believe you were able to cast such wonderful pieces out of such itsy bitsy little play-doh circles. Honestly, I almost believed it couldn't be done. Instead, as a testament to your ability and your delicate care with something so incredibly important... they are beautiful pieces of workmanship. I am so touched and grateful that you were willing to do something so small, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making so many. I'll never have my little boy back, and that breaks my heart- but it's a huge comfort to know I can always have a part of him close to me.
Thank you so much for what you do. I'll be recommending pet paws to all my friends (and encourage them to send their regular-sized pet paws to you- just to give you a bit of a break! :)
With great thanks,

Willimantic, CT

Hey Tracy,
I just wanted to let you know I got my dog Jules' paw and it looks incredible!!! Every dog owner I know thinks it's wonderful and will probably be getting in touch with you soon regarding their dogs.
Thanks Soooo much again,

New York, NY

I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on Kate's paw....it is just wonderful! You do beautiful work and the craftsmanship is absolutely perfect.
Thanks again,

Olathe, KS

Hobey and his two bronze Pet-Paws.

Hi Tracy!
I'm so excited about this... thought I would get one for my husband for our 8th anniversary as a surprise (and an extra one for me), but since it will be easier to get our dog's impression with both of us handling him (Hobey), I decided to present him with the kit for our anniversary. Our dog, Hobey (Akita/Lab mix), is the most precious thing in the world to us. He's over 10 years old now, and with bronze being the traditional gift for the 8th anniversary, this is absolutely perfect! I'm so glad I found your web site!
...Just wanted to let you know we got our beautiful bronze Hobey paws yesterday! They're gorgeous! My husband loves them! Thank you so much for these wonderful items!

Tampa, FL

Reggie and his pure copper Pet-Paw.

Oh thank you so much! I received my paw today and the entire family loved it. We happened to also receive a paw print from the crematorium that handled our dog's remains, and yours is 1000 times better. You managed to get every little detail of his pawprint, including one little weird ridge one of his pawpads had, and how his little doggie nails where hollow on the inside. It really feels like we have our beautiful dog's paw to hold forever.

Saratoga Springs, NY

Oh thank you so much! I received my paw today and the entire family loved it. We happened to also receive a paw impression from the crematorium that handled our dog's remains, and yours is 1000 times better. You managed to get every little detail of his pawprint, including one little weird ridge one of his pawpads had, and how his little doggie nails where hollow on the inside. It really feels like we have our beautiful dog's paw to hold forever.

Saratoga Springs, NY

Thank you for the great customer service Tracy. Pictures don't do these casting justice! In september I was given the news that my dog had dilated cardiomyopathy, a progressive heart problem that was causing the right side of her heart to be enlarged along with the murmur that I knew she had. There was nothing that could be done, only put her on medication to help slow down the progression I was devastated. I had the impression kit sent to me and after a few tries got an impression I was happy with and mailed it back. A week or so later my Sadie lost her fight, I emailed Tracy to let her know and to ask them to be careful with the impression. Shorty after I received an email saying the impression was safe and would be ready in a week or so. When I received the paw and opened it I was amazed by the detail, from the texture of her pads to her hollow nails. It brought tears to my eyes as I held it cause I felt as though I was holding her paw in my hand. I feel as I can touch my Sadie when ever I want. The brass is beautiful and will last forever, just like her memory in my heart. Thank you, Tracy. R.I.P my Sadie girl.

Cape Cod, MA

Love them, love them, love them! I highly recommend Pet-Paws. Tracy was kind and understanding both of my recent loss and my anxiety that the paw molds were irreplaceable. She notified me as soon as they arrived, and was patient as I decided on an appropriate inscription. They are a beautiful reminder of my precious boy, and I'm very pleased with both the craftsmanship and the fact that I'll never have to worry about them breaking. They make a perfect worry stone, and I find some comfort in caressing his paws again. I carry one of my paws in my bag and find it a great comfort through many hard moments. Thank you so much for everything.


The print is absolutely amazing. It doesn't bring him back but it is beautiful and something very close to my heart. We lost an amazing boy to lymphoma at the age of 3 1/2. I just want to say thankyou again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Kalamazoo, MI

Sky and her family.

Sky and her 4 lb. bronze relief Pet-Paw, left, and imprint Pet-Paw, right.

Thank you kindly for the package! The paws turned out great! I appreciate your communication and care during this hard time for us. You do a great job!
Warm Regards,

Bend, Oregon


Asia and her bronze relief style Pet-Paw

Thank you so much. We received Asia's Pet Paw today and it is really amazing at the amount of details. It is exactly as we remember her print to be.
Thank you so much for you quick, and beautiful work. I will definitely recommend you.
Thought you might like to see how beautiful our baby girl was.

Houston, TX

Valley Boy

Valley Boy's bronze relief and imprint style Pet-Paws

Hi Tracy
The Pets Paws arrived this afternoon and I am so delighted with them. Thank you so much - they exceeded my expectations based on the pictures on your website. I really appreciate your help in making the impression so that we got such a fabulous result!
I really like the way the two paws (imprint and relief) fit together as well, just like our boy was making a print in the mud.
I can't thank you enough, I love the bronze metal, the finish is beautiful, and thank you for your attention to inscribing one as "Valley Dog" and the other as "Valley Boy". Now my daughter (age 5 1/2) wants to know why I didn't order a "golden paw" for her as well!
Although of course nothing can fill the hole in my heart from missing my boy, it is so wonderful to have such a work of art to remember him by. Thank you.

Redding, CT

Blue Angel


I made an impression for a Bronze Paw Print, put the impression in the mail. Two days later, an impression I kept hardened and crumbled. I thought the mailed impressions would do the same. I expected an email or call a pawprint could not be made. Today the package came with the container I sent the impressions and a pawprint in bubble wrap. It's bronze with smooth edges and unique. I can't put it down. It was returned with the impressions, a perfect match. Later, I noticed another bubble wrapped package, I received 2 paw prints.
When I walked by you [Blue Angel], you would extend your paw for a paw shake or greeting. I loved holding your paw and spent much of our goodbye time holding and petting your paw. I'm glad to have you paw print, it's yours I love it.
Thank you, Pet Paws for Blue Angel's Purrfect Paw Prints.
I hold Blue Angel Paws Prints almost every day! They are such a connection and so comforting.

Iowa City, IA

Bea and her bronze Pet-Paw

The pawprint is wonderful!
Many thanks & best wishes,

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

Oreo and her bronze Pet-Paw

When Susan and I were dealt the worst news about our dog Oreo, we wanted to find a way to keep her forever. Unfortunately, without a cure for cancer, we knew that wasn’t an option. The next best thing would be something to hold. After many sleepless nights we finally decided that a paw print would be great idea. At the next vet visit, we took a pamphlet advertizing paw prints. I was sure we could find something better. After a search engine query or two we found pets-paws.com. After searching their site, and crying a lot we ordered a bronze relief style. When we ordered, we weren’t sure how long we had left with Oreo so we decided to make the impression material ourselves (the recipe was great!). Oreo was not very cooperative in putting her paw in a container but eventually we got a great imprint. I rushed to our local overnight express shipper and sent it next day delivery. I wanted to make sure that the imprint was good so I would know we would get what we desperately wanted. We sent an email to pets-paws.com to make a special request and so started our wonderful process of many tear filled emails with Tracy. Oreo lost her battle with cancer the day that Tracy poured her paw print. We think it was fitting being we wanted something of Oreo’s to last forever. We were ecstatic when we received her paw print and are absolutely thrilled with the results.
Tracy, from the bottom of our hearts , Thank You.

Donald & Susan
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Murphy Finnegan and his bronze Pet-Paw

I wanted to let you know that I received the pet paw and it is perfect! Beautiful work!!! I love it. I will be sending as much business your way as I can!!!!

Raleigh, NC

Molly and her 3 bronze Pet-Paws.

The bronze paws are amazing....They just arrived and we love them....the inscription and everything is fabulous. You did an amzing job and I can't thank you enough. And the fact that you were able to preserve the playdough imprint is priceless too.
Thank you a million... Our Molly dog was in our family since she was 10 weeks old and lived 14+ years. We miss her tremendously!. Your workmanship is outstanding and you have helped in preserving how beautiful and wonderful she was.
Best to you ~

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Flash and her big brass Pet-Paw.

Good grief, that looks like a bear's footprint. I LOVE IT!!! Dinky's and Ratboy's look so tiny beside that thing. You did an awesome job. Thanks again!

West Texas

Ratboy and his brass Pet-Paw.

Dinky and his brass Pet-Paw.

Just wanted you to know, I love my Pet-Paws. Both styles, I love them both, they're a lot meatier and heavier than I expected, truly AWESOME!!! You did a Great Job. Thanks Again!

West Texas

Lily and her aluminum Pet-Paw.


Thank you so much! My husband loved his birthday paw – of course Lily took all the credit!
It was really nice to get them after our two week vacation as we had missed Lily so much while we were away, I picked them up on the way to the pet hotel to collect her, it was a teaser of the giant muddy paws that would soon be splattered across our chests as she jumped up to greet us.
Just fabulous - I know I will be recommending you to all the doggie owners in town that see mine on my desk and want one!
Thanks again!

Whistler, BC

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